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Silicon caulking is one way to properly seal wall joints. Caulkings have different variations such as the regular silicon caulking, there are the sanded ones, which are made for tiles and complement the color of your tile grout. It comes in different colors as well to suit your taste.

The ordinary silicon caulkings are not easily cleaned although there are many to choose from. Before you start sealing wall joints, make sure you purchase those fit for your bathtub or shower.

  • Just do a quick check on each wall joint in your bathtub or shower for indications that it needs caulking. Using the appropriate tools you will be done in one two hours tops. Here are the instructions on how to seal wall joints around your bathtub and shower.
  • Prepare the materials needed. You will need a silicon caulk fit for your tub and shower, screwdriver, a blade or a knife, a masking tape, a hair dryer, and a vacuum.
  • Take out the old caulk. It is imperative that you remove the old caulk in order to make it easier to apply the new one. To break it up, use your blade or knife, and then tightly push into the old caulk until it becomes loose and cracks. Keep doing this until there is not a single bead left. Scrape out the excess and use a vacuum to clean the mess up. You can also use a caulk remover for harder bonds.
  • Let it dry out. With the help of your hair dryer, pan it across each portion of broken out caulk. Again, use your vacuum just to make sure all remains are cleaned out and sucked in.
  • Mask it up. Use your masking tape to securely cover the whole surface next to where you will apply your new silicon caulk. This is done to make sure that no caulk is erroneously applied onto the surface area of your wall joint.
  • Put your caulk on. With your loaded caulk gun, place it an angle to where you will apply caulk on. Press the handle hard enough to see an ample amount of caulk coming out of the tube, and carefully apply it in (if you can) one straight line over the joint. Use your finger to smooth it out. Check if there are breaks on the joint and just squeeze some on it to make sure every joint is filled in.
  • Cleaning time. Once you’re done caulking your way to seal all joints, take off the masking tape around it. Ensure that the new caulk has settled before actually removing the tape. Give it the whole night for the new bond to set before using your tub and shower.

And your wall joints are now completely sealed. It is quite a simple task, plus you save a lot of money just by doing it yourself.

No need to hire a contractor and no need for construction experts too. Remember to make it a habit to annually check for sealant breaks or water leaks.

Keep in mind all the necessary steps and you will be sealing joints not just in your tub and shower, but in all parts of the house that needs sealing.

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