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When there is a clogged drain at home, you do not have to rely on a professional to do the job for you. With the use of a plumbing snake, you can easily clear out the clog in the drain. Though this process can come out to be messy, learning this task can help you save money on plumber’s fees. After all, this is not a job that is hard to do at all. Here is a guide to help you in using a plumbing snake for a clogged drain:

Find the access port that is nearest to the clog

The access port comes in a round vinyl cap, which has always two inch square head that is raised. This cap is black in color most of the time.

Open the access port of the drain pipe

Get a wrench and turn it to the left to open the access port. In case that there is water in the area, it will pour out the drain. Hence, prepare for this situation to happen.

Prepare the pipe snake for its job

Unscrew first the pipe snake’s wing nut so you can pull the snake out to the clogged drain. Once the nut is loosened, advance the pipe snake down to the opened access port towards the clog’s direction.

Advance more snake if you cannot pass out the drai

.When you pass a clog, the snake will be impossible to pass through it. Hence, advance an extra snake and then tighten the wing nut. Apply a downward yet gentle pressure on the snake while advancing it to the pipe. Turn the handle of the snake to promote an easier passing. Take note that it can take you several turns before the snake can retrieve the blockage. Once the snake has caught it, retrieve the snake off the drain and dispose the material.

Repeat the process for instances of more clogs in the pipe

Feed the snake again to the pipe and if you encounter a blockage again, turn the snake several times until you catch the blockage. Retrieve the snake and dispose the clog afterwards. Do this process several times until you can pass the entire length of the snake to the pipe without meeting any blockage. This means that you have cleared out the clogs already.

Replace the cap of the access point

Tighten the cap back to the access point. Then, make sure you wash your hands.

Test the pipe to ensure it is not anymore clogged

Run hot water into the drain for around five minutes. This will clear any remaining debris inside the pipe. Plus, this will help you see whether your task is successful or not. Also, go back to the access point to ensure there are no leaks. In case the drain is not running freely still, you may need to use a longer snake. Or, you may find another nearby drain plug where you can do the same process. If these methods still fail, you may already need to contact a plumber to help you with the job.

Anyone can use the plumber snake with ease. The challenge here is to make sure that you do not only know how to use it but also to efficiently use it for future tasks. Good luck!

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