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A clogged toilet or sink is definitely not a good thing. As much as possible, it must be cleared right away. The good news for you is that you can easily work this problem out. Even without calling the help of a professional or using various chemicals, you can do the job without much pain. Get a plunger and have this problem fixed right away. Check out these tips to help you in using a plunger for a clogged toilet or sink:

Find a plunger at home

The plunger is this simple tool with a handle of about two feet long and a rubber base. The rubber looks like a bell. If you cannot find one, you can easily purchase one in any of the hardware stores near you.

Prepare rags and mops for the job

There can be a case of overflow when you work on a clogged toilet or sink. Hence, it is best to prepare mops and rags for this situation. However, you can always avoid having an overflow by watching what you are doing. For instance, do not flush the toilet or run the water in the sink if the clog is still not cleared.

Position the plunger into the sink or toilet

Immerse the tool in the water in the toilet or sink. The opening of the base must be directly over the toilet or sink’s opening. Hold the handle perpendicular to the base of either the sink or toilet.

Position your hands on the handle properly

For more effective plunging, it is best to position your hands around the end of the handle. One hand must be positioned above the other.

Thrust the plunger towards the sink or toilet

Push down the handle towards the opening of the toilet or sink. Make sure you push with forceful and quick thrusts. This process will help force whatever the obstruction is in the drain. Hence, any standing water on the toilet or sink will begin to flow again like normal.

Take the plunger out the sink or toilet

After several thrusts, take the plunger out. Observe the level of water present in the sink or toilet. In the case the water level remains the same, you have not completely cleared out the clog. Hence, you must repeat thrusting down the plunger again on the sink or toilet. You know if you are successful if the basin is emptied out with water once you have taken off the plunger.

Run the water to the sink or toilet to ensure the success of the job

To make sure all obstructions are cleared, run water in your sink or flush the toilet. If the condition seems like normal, you have solved the problem successfully. However, after several tries that you have not find success with this task, it is best to seek the help of a professional for unclogging the toilet or sink.

It takes only several minutes to unclog a toilet or sink using a plunger. If you know how to use this tool appropriately, you can rely on yourself when this situation happens again in the future. With this, you will save a lot of your money and time and even get rid of the mess a clogged sink or toilet can bring at home.

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