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How To Use a Weed Eater

The weed eater is a grass trimmer using nylon strings to cut through the blades of grass. George Bass of Houston, Texas invented the device in 1971 after observing how the nylon bristles in the automatic car wash work to clean a car.

Back then he was thinking of a way to trim the grass around trees without harming the barks. A weed eater is a simple gardening tool to use that will keep your lawn neatly trimmed, straighter and more uniform height. A weed eater cannot be used to take care of trimming your whole lawn though.

It is best used on corners and around trees and plants where a lawn mover will not be very useful or even dangerous to use. Check out the tips below on how to use a weed eater.

Check out the features of the different types of weed eaters

Weed eaters can run on battery, gas or electric power. Choose the best one that will suit your gardening and trimming needs. Brand and price, ease of use, maintenance and after-sales support are other things to be considered.

Clean and trim the larger parts of your lawn first

Plan how to trim the areas where you will use the weed eater. The device has a nylon string that cuts through the blades of grass cleanly and speedily.

The areas where you will use the weed eater should be free from rocks, stones and other objects that may cause the nylon string to snap.

It will be very dangerous when this happens as the string will be running at top speed and can badly cut you.

Wear protective gear when using weed eater

You must protect your eyes, your arms and legs and your hands when using this grass trimmer. Mark out the areas where you will use the weed eater.

Marking the areas with chalk will physically show you how large the areas will be and how to proceed.

Start the weed eater according to instructions

If you are using an electric-powered one, have a long extension cord handy so that you can work continuously using just one or two power outlets.

If you are using a battery-operated one make sure that it is fully charged and if it is a gas-powered one, follow the instructions on the right mix of gas and oil recommended for your weed eater. The instructions can be found on the weed eater itself or consult the manual.

Work on the marked areas, going around trees, along lawn edges, near fences and patio

Use the tip of the weed eater head and position the head horizontally and at the right height to ensure that you have an even cut.

If you are going to trim along lawn edges and pathways level the head of the weed eater vertically and use only the tip of the head to trim the grass and weeds evenly.

Do not put the head too close to the ground or you will end up with a deep groove rather than a professional-looking trim.

When you are working near corners, walls or fences, work the weed eater from right to left so that the cut grass will be blown away from the area that you are trimming.

Safety is a major concern when using a weed eater. Wear the recommended work gear including safety glasses and ear protection.

Do not let children and pets in the garden when you are working with a weed eater. They should be at least fifty feet away from where you are working.

If a child, another person or an animal comes near immediately turn off your weed eater and allow the intruder to pass before starting the weed engine eater once again.

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