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The invention of toilet boils led to a more sanitary way of living. It has a special mechanism that allows it to strategically flush human wastes and prevent them from floating back. However, toilet bowls are not perfect at all times. They might stop working properly one day. If that happens to you, consider that the reason could be a clog.

Use various methods to unclog or unstop a toilet. Most people will try to flush the toilet bowl so many times until it’s working okay again. Some would add dishwashing liquid or laundry powder in the bowl to loosen up the clogs. A toilet plunger is usually the choice if flushing with soap does not work. But if the plunger is ineffective, that could mean that the toilet bowl has a more stubborn clog. An auger, also called as a closet auger or snake, can resolve this problem. Unlike plunger, the auger has an elongated body that can push or pull the clog. Here’s how to use this:


Working with auger requires more intimate relationship with the toilet bowl. It will feel icky to work with a toilet with human wastes floating on the water. So, flush the toilet to get rid of the waste. Prepare yourself also by removing any jewelries, wearing comfortable clothes, and a pair of cleaning gloves.

Insert the auger inside the toilet bowl

There are bowls with the drain to the rear and some have the drain to the front. The auger’s curved end should be to the direction of the drain.

Push the auger inside

Push it while twisting the auger in a clockwise rotation. Slowly do this and continue on doing this until you feel an obstruction.

Pull out or push the auger further

Stop pushing and rotating the auger when you see the water flushing down the drain. If not, try to push the auger a little further more until you see the water draining. Try pulling out the auger if nothing happens with the pushing further. But when pulling it out, twist it to counterclockwise rotation until the auger’s end is out. It might have grabbed something that was clogging the toilet. Insert the auger again if pulling it out did not improve the toilet’s condition. Continue on repeating this step but be slow and gentle when working with porcelain toilet bowls. They can easily break due to forceful pushing of metals like an auger.

Re-insert the plug as a final step

After removing the clog, insert the auger again to check if there is anymore clog. Continue on pushing and pulling the auger until you are sure that there is nothing clogging the toilet bowl. Pull out the auger and then clean it before putting it aside.

Flush the toilet bowl with water

Flush it repeatedly until the water is down the drain.

More stubborn clogs will require advanced techniques of unstopping the toilet. If the snake won’t work, then try the vacuum method. This technique requires a special device, which is usually available if you’ll call a professional plumber. They know more ways of fixing clogged toilet bowls. You’ll never know the best way to fix the toilet without seeking help from a professional. Who knows, the toilet has to be replaced or some pipes has to be fixed. For now, try the techniques that you can confidently apply to fix the clogged toilet, like using an auger.

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